In the context of “going from no connectivity to full connectivity”, we want to improve digital literacy within Myanmar. Our goal is to support our members in representing their business interests while helping the local economy - in the area of digital innovation. We are uniquely positioned to do so, by functioning as a bridge between European best-practices, resources, and support networks.

To join the group, please send an email to  


  • Improve digital literacy and further developing the ecosystem, while driving (new) legislation and government investments. 
  • Stimulating entrepreneurship and bridging the knowledge-gap within digital innovation.  
  • Stimulating efficiency and support in developing new digital business models.
  • Raise awareness with Regional and State Ministries how digital and e-commerce contributes to the overall development and  economic   growth   of the country.

Corporate members

Cube Digital Ltd, ImpactTerra,, Telenor, Wave Money,, Studio Digita Co. Ltd, Amyanpoh, One to Watch, Eikyo VC.

Erwin Sikma
Co-Chair Digital Innovation Advocacy Group
Kieran J Rabbitt
Co-Chair Digital Innovation Advocacy Group
Christo Thekkel
Co-Chair Digital Innovation Advocacy Group