At EuroCham Myanmar, we are convinced that the course of Myanmar’s economic growth needs to be aligned with social progress and environmental sustainability. With this in mind, the EuroCham Myanmar Responsible Business Initiative (EMRBI) has been introduced in 2019 to promote responsible practices and raise awareness of key local issues.

European companies currently operating in Myanmar are eager to transfer their practical expertise and know-how in managing business responsibly. The EMRBI provides them with a platform to exchange experiences and aims to foster positive mutual collaboration with corporations, government, non-governmental organisations and the general public.

The EMRBI’s action plan is executed by EuroCham Myanmar’s executive team with a high level of consultation from an Advisory Steering Committee comprised of responsible business experts.

We hope this initiative will bring long-term impact to the Myanmar business community!

To join the group, please send an email to


  • Sharing EuroCham member’s insights, views and best practices about responsible business,
  • Promoting responsible and sustainable operations in Myanmar, and
  • Encouraging better integration of sustainability and responsibility in the daily operations.

Corporate Members

Bouygues, Novotel Yangon Max, Santa Fe, Telenor, Total E&P Myanmar, Yever.