The EuroCham Agrobusiness Advocacy Group is a platform in which information and knowledge is shared which alternately feeds the discussion on relevant matters for all advocacy group members involved and active in the agrobusiness sector in Myanmar. Through this advocacy group pressing matters which influence the working reality of agrobusiness in all various aspects in Myanmar in either a positive or negative way can be channeled towards a higher level to create change. The goals are therefore twofold: on the one hand the realisation of an environment in which agriculture can flourish sustainably on a national level from producer to consumer and on the other hand creating opportunities on an international level in which the connection between Myanmar and international players is easier made.    

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  •  Establishing a platform with a variety of agrobusiness players in Myanmar to address the challenges these players face in an organized manner towards a higher policy level;
  •  Creating a climate which ensures that the Myanmar agrobusiness sector is beneficial for all players involved;  
  •  Promoting the development of trade, commerce and investment of European Agrobusiness Companies in Myanmar;
  •  Providing a platform for European Agrobusiness Companies to address the sector’s needs and common issues through engagement with Myanmar authoritie
  • Food safety promotion by taking a value chain approach;
  • Act as a forum to maintain relations with relevant stakeholders in the Myanmar Agribusiness.

Corporate members

Belgabroed, Lesaffre, Big Dutchman, De Heus Ltd., Fresh Studio Ltd., and Trouw Nutrition Myanmar Co Ltd.

Esther Wintraecken
Co-Chair Agrobusiness Advocacy Group
Johan van den Ban
Co-Chair Agrobusiness Advocacy Group