1/ Recruitment Services

We can promote your vacancies, for as long as necessary, on our different media platforms :

  • on the Jobs tab of the Eurocham Website, 
  • on the Eurocham social media : Facebook and LinkedIn 
  • on adequate and well-established job platforms for Myanmar

2/ Advisory services

We have a strong knowledge of the Myanmar marketplace and are often able to provide technical advice on market oriented matters. If you are in need of specific expertise, such as legal services, accounting services, or investment counsel, we will be able to provide a list of our members who are well-placed to assist you.

3/ Translation services

Our multi-lingual team staff can support you by providing translation in the following languages : English, Burmese, Kachin, Dutch, French, Spanish and Italian.

4/ Advocacy services

To know more about our Advocacy services, please click here.

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