Event Info:

  • Mon 21 September, 2020 - Fri 25 September, 2020
  • 09:00 - 18:00
  • Yangon
  • Supported by EuroCham
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The event has postponed to 2nd fortnight of September 2020 in Yangon

Explore your potential in this 1-day intensive communication capacity building with pros 

**Updated on 26th February, 3 spots left to register**

EuroCham Myanmar is supporting the partnership between the German Myanmar Business Chamber (GMBC) and  Deutsche Welle Akademie to propose a unique opportunity to learn how to master public communications situations.

People often find public appearances, official statements or TV or radio interviews to be fairly stressful, and few see themselves as natural talents. 

If you're speaking in front of a packed room, your job is to get everyone's attention without being frozen by stage fright. You often have just a few seconds to make your point, and DW Akademie trainers coach you in presenting your message briefly and effectively. 

You'll learn how to give on-the-spot answers, get your point across in group discussions and use facial expressions, gestures and body language to your advantage to convey your message clearly and confidently.

The workshop includes realistic exercises in front of the camera and at the microphone as well as expert feedback from media professionals with years of international experience.

The training sessions are hands-on, with experienced journalists and media professionals coaching you how to prepare for situations that meet your specific needs. 

Content of this training:

o    Rules of communication

o    Developing core messages

o    Appropriate Language

o    Presentation at meeting, podium appearances or press conferences

o    Facial expression, gestures, body language

o    Dealing with the media

o    Interview Training

o    Answers in critical situations

o    Formulating statements appropriately

o    Tips & Tricks for performing in front of the camera and microphone

o    Audio and video analysis feedback

Deutsche Welle Akademie is Germany's leading provider of international media training. DW Akademie is part of Deutsche Welle (DW). It is the center for education and knowledge transfer at Germany's international broadcaster. Its activities include international media development, a traineeship for future DW journalists, the International Media Studies (IMS) Master's program, media training for specialized professionals and a broad range of multimedia courses for learning German.

DW Akademie works to make free and transparent media possible in many parts of the world. The organisation is committed to improving political and legal conditions, strengthening responsible and diverse journalism and helping people acquire professional media skills.

More information about the training here.

Do you want to be a more influencing public speaker? Come join the DW Media Training and get valuable insights and a one to one coaching with a pro.

Dates (TBC)

For the efficiency of the course, seats are limited; please register asap to secure your spot.

Cost: 600 euros for 8 hours of training including an individual session with the coaches