Event Info:

  • Thu 09 July, 2020
  • 14:00 - 15:30
  • Zoom Meeting
  • EuroCham Myanmar Event


Worldwide, it is estimated that up to a quarter of the value of government contracts are lost to corruption. The COVID-19 pandemic seriously increases risks of corruption, bribery and fraud in public and private sector. Simplified procurement system to respond to the needs of the Pandemic might also increase the risk. 

UNODC is inviting EuroCham Myanmar members to discuss a tool called “Integrity Pact” that can enhance integrity in procurement processes.

In an environment where the national authorities are not fully equipped to pursue all potential wrongdoers, Integrity Pacts can play a key role and represent a formidable way for collective action to enhance integrity in procurement process. 

Integrity Pacts were developed by Transparency International as a tool for preventing corruption in public contracting. An Integrity Pact is a document signed between a contracting authority, Civil society organisation and the private sector fighting corruption together and an independent monitor. By setting precedents for clean practices in each country’s public contracting process, these pacts build confidence among the public, government agencies and the private sector that funds are being spent efficiently and as they should, and that redress is possible if corruption does occur. 

The support of the private sector to the establishment of Integrity Pact is key. 

The private sector and Chambers of Commerce can advocate for the implementation of Integrity Pacts in further projects or, even more, support the constant and systematic implementation of Integrity Pacts. 

During this session, UNODC will present this tool with examples, show the role the private sector can play, and explain the opportunities and challenges before and during the implementation of the Integrity Pact. 

In addition, this session will also provide an opportunity to hear from the private sector the legislative and regulatory changes that would be required to improve the anti-corruption legal framework in Myanmar to promote business integrity. 

This session is the 2nd work session with UNODC and EuroCham Myanmar members. The exchanges will feed UNODC’s legal analysis with improvement recommendations on the anti-corruption legislative framework and will further help UNODC to elaborate consultation with the Myanmar Government.

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Free Event - Please note that this workshop is for EuroCham Myanmar members only.