Event Info:

  • Fri 09 October, 2020
  • 14:00 - 17:00
  • Hopin Platform
  • EuroCham Myanmar Event


EuroCham Myanmar, together with leading digital European companies, are co-organising the Official Launch of the recently created Digital Initiative (EMDI). The EMDI is proud to invite the business community and other relevant digital stakeholders to discuss the successive numerical (r)evolutions and the future digital landscape of Myanmar. The event will also be an occasion for digital business decision-makers to provide tools to seize the opportunities generated by digital for all economic sectors.


While digital can provide exciting & tremendous opportunities for businesses, there also remains a barrier for some entities to seize. The EMDI and its partners would like to offer a general overview of the state of digital in Myanmar but also to share timely insights sector by sector on how to best use digital as a tool for business growth & innovation. 
The objectives of the EMDI Launch Event are as follows:

  • Introduce the EMDI as a key actor in the digital ecosystem of Myanmar
  • Align and inform about the digital strategy of the government 
  • Explore how digital can serve businesses in a wide-variety of sectors: agriculture, media & communication, recruitment, infrastructures, energy, health, etc. 
  • Bridge the gap between supply and demand of digital knowledge and services


Around 150 - 200 participants are expected to attend, including business representatives with keen interest in digital, policymakers from the European Union and the Government of Myanmar, international, local & civil society organisations (WB, UNCTAD, DEA, ECA, etc.) and journalists.


Thank you to our event sponsors!

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