Event Info:

  • Tue 29 November, 2016 - Wed 30 November, 2016
  • 08:00 - 14:55
  • Sule Shangi-La Hotel
  • Supported by EuroCham


The 4th GMS (Myanmar) Power Summit & Expo is the premier meeting place for local government and power developers to connect with regional investors and understand how to create a win-win partnership in a time where cooperation and collaboration is more important than ever. Gathering ministerial authorities and state & regional regulators, IPPs from domestic and from the international community, financiers, third-party consultants, EPCs, and equipment manufacturers and technology providers, the event explores opportunities for investment across the region, present the latest technologies and debate the best financial strategies to support power and utility projects. Through strategic presentations, solution-oriented panel discussions, country-focused roundtable and a range of networking sessions, the 4th GMS (Myanmar) Power Summit & EXPO builds relationship between the region’s key players, and helps shape the future of the power industry in Myanmar.

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  1. Updates on The NLD-led electricity market with a key focus on policies, framework and capacity building
  2. Exploring the development potential in terms of Hydropower, Gas&LNG, Clean Coal & Renewables
  3. Analyzing the possibility of Myanmar’s 87% of Electrification ration by 2030
  4. Deliberation of fiscal structure of power sector investment in Myanmar & PPA contractual issues

Key Ministerial Representatives from Myanmar:

  • Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC)
  • Ministry of Electricity and Energy, Myanmar (MoEE)
  • Myanmar Electric Power Enterprise(MEPE)

More ministers from state and local government to be expected…

Agenda Overview:

Pre-day (29 Nov) Pending

Main Conference Day One (30 Nov)
Morning Session – Overview of the Local Market
In this sector, the future of Myanmar’s power industry in terms of regulation updates, power network, renewable tariff and market mechanism, will be heatedly discussed. Senior representatives from Myanmar Union Ministry, State-owned Utility, Counter-parties in partner countries will be included.
Afternoon Session – Gas-fired Generation & Renewables
Gas-fired in thermal power generation and solar power in renewable generation is regarded as two of the key sectors that Myanmar in moving forward to. However, on the contrary of investors’ high expectation, the insufficient legal and regulation framework still put threats to the success of every single project. Developers inside the country and from the outside community will talk about the current challenges concerned and propose feasible strategies to solve issues ahead.

Main Conference Day Two (1 Dec)
Morning Session – Sustainability & Hydropower
Hydropower has grown rapidly in Myanmar’s power sector, while the disputes accompanied are coming one after another. How to develop a sustainable hydropower projects while minimizing its impacts on environment?How to deal with EIA/SIA and cost problems in the context of Myanmar’s new MoEE?
Afternoon Session – Coal-fired Controversy & Project Roundtable
Despite the large share of coal-fired generation in Myanmar’s Energy Master Plan, the statutes of proposed coal-fired project are practically all on hold. Hopefully the experience shared by regional thermal developers and fuel suppliers may shed some lights on the ambiguous direction of it.
Special Seminar named Projects Round Table is in essence a delicate business meeting especially serving for connecting local sources with international developers.
Developers from local will bring their planned projects for advertisement (1 table 1 local developer). And participants whoever are interested in investing or collecting information can sit downed around the concerned table for direct business Q&A (1 table 10 participants at most)
The duration for one-round discussion will last 40 minutes, and investors are allowed to switch table for a second round inquiry, in case he/she has interest in other projects or developers.