Event Info:

  • Fri 01 June, 2018 - Fri 15 June, 2018
  • 20:28 - 00:00
  • Myanmar
  • Supported by EuroCham


No access to accurate salary benchmarks in Myanmar is a common problem for companies. Chambers, Recruitment, Training and Law firms are constantly asked for this information. However they are not able to supply extensive enough information which puts companies at a disadvantage when conducting salary reviews or hiring of new staff.

The CCI France France's Human Resources Committee is hoping to solve this by conducting a biannual ANONYMOUS salary survey and we ask you to participate.

The survey will likely take you around 1 hour and you will need to some research to ensure the information is accurate. The more accurate everyone's information is the better the survey will be for everyone.

Here is why this survey will be a very valuable use of your time:

·  Myanmar doesn't have an accurate salary survey so companies have no way to see if they are under or overpaying their staff

·  All businesses benefit from knowledge of salary ranges in their industry as well as other industries

·  All developed markets have an accurate salary survey, but the salary surveys in Myanmar are only getting information from a small number of companies and are not an accurate representation of the market

·  With the information from this survey, your business will be able to better negotiate with new employees as well as existing employees

Confidentiality of Information

We are not collecting company details in this survey, we only ask you to identify the industry you belong to.

We are insisting on the fact that all data will be anonymous. There is no way for us or anybody to get access your data or to know your answers.

Free and public information

We are sending this survey to over 3000 companies in Yangon and Mandalay, once completed we will release the information targeting the end of June.

The results of this survey will be free and public. Everyone will benefit from it, you included.

Please click HERE to participate in the survey.

We will be collecting all results by the 15th of June and then releasing them at the end of June in an official report.

For a simple understanding of how to use the survey format, we have created a VIDEO (about 2 minutes in length) that will show you how to complete it.

You may receive this email from multiple sources as the CCI France Myanmar's Human Resources Committee has a wide reach. However please only complete this survey once.  

For any questions about the form, please contact Zin Nwe @ marketingtwo@myworld.com.mm.

For more information on the CCI France Myanmar's Human Resources Committee, please visit our website here.


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