By many, illicit trade has been called “the main obstacle to the development of Myanmar’s economy”. Hence EuroCham Myanmar strives to assist the government to eradicate illicit trade and promote the development of the country.

The EuroCham Myanmar Anti-Illicit Trade Initiative works to raise awareness of the volume of illicit trade across industries to both the government and the general public while advocating solutions and best practices that can be implemented to improve enforcement.

This inclusive and flexible platform is the voice of every EuroCham Myanmar member harmed by Illicit Trade.

The significant areas of illicit trade activities include trafficking in persons, wildlife, narcotics, tobacco, beer, fast-moving consumer goods, agriculture products, wine and spirits and several categories of counterfeit and sub-standard goods including medicines, construction materials, electronics, and garment. These criminal activities, besides being a crucial source of revenue for criminal networks, undermine good governance, the rule of law, public trust, human capital and public health, and they also deter foreign investment. A more holistic view of the costs of illicit trade also takes into account its harmful impact on consumers, the environment, tax revenues and jobs.

The EuroCham Myanmar Anti-Illicit Trade Initiative believes that combatting illicit trade will ensure consumer safety, increase legitimate tax collection, prevent other criminal related activities and signal to the international investment community that Myanmar can effectively manage and protect its domestic market.

In addition, as a recent and comprehensive study conducted by the Transnational Alliance to Combat Illicit Trade (TRACIT) extensively documented, illicit trade seriously undermines the realisation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In particular, illicit trade compromises the effort by “crowding out legitimate economic activity, depriving governments of revenues for investment in vital public services, dislocating millions of legitimate jobs and causing irreversible damage to ecosystems and human lives”.

Myanmar prepared an ambitious plan to meet the 2030 target, laid out in the Myanmar Sustainable Development Plan (2018 – 2030). The EuroCham Myanmar Anti-Illicit Trade Initiative can assist in the fight against illicit trade and help Myanmar’s chance of succeeding in its long-term Sustainable Development Plan.

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•          To eradicate the illicit trade in Myanmar.


The key objectives of the EuroCham Myanmar Anti-Illicit Trade Initiative are the following:

•          To become the preferred partner of choice of the Illegal Trade Eradication Steering Committee.

•          To establish EuroCham Myanmar Anti-illicit Trade Initiative as a primary stakeholder in the fight against illicit trade in Myanmar.

Advisory Steering Committee

British American Tobacco Myanmar Ltd, Carlsberg Co., Ltd, Heineken Myanmar, Luther Law Firm, Metro Wholesale, Pernod Ricard, Unilever (Myanmar) Services Limited.