Job Details
  • Location: Yangon, Myanmar
  • Career Level:
  • Employment Type: Consultant
  • Salary Range:
  • Start Date: Open
  • Application Deadline: Thu 17 September, 2020
Job Description


This call seeks expressions of interest from a suitably qualified local consultant to deliver outputs for the Responsible Supply Chains In Asia Programme (RSCA).


The "Responsible Supply Chains in Asia" programme is a three-year project conducted by the ILO and the OECD and financed by the EU. The project aims to contribute to enhanced respect for human rights, labour and environmental standards by businesses engaged in supply chains in Asia including Myanmar, in line with international instruments on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)/ Responsible Business Conduct (RBC) and Business and Human Rights.

The Responsible Supply Chains in Asia programme aims to further sustainable and inclusive economic, social and environmental progress by integrating responsible business practices into the operations of multinational companies and their supply chains. Active in selected industrial sectors in six Asian countries, it takes a multifaceted approach with the aim of promoting respect for human rights, and labour and environmental standards. The overarching objective of the project is to promote smart, sustainable and inclusive growth by ensuring that investors and businesses have a better understanding and practical examples of responsible behaviour.

Through consultation with stakeholders and research, the programme has identified targeted industrial sectors in each country as priorities. Those sectors are, China: Electronics, Textiles; Japan: Electronics, Vehicle parts; Myanmar: Seafood, Agriculture; Philippines: Agriculture (Food); Thailand: Agriculture, Vehicle parts; and Vietnam: Wood Processing Seafood/Aquaculture Textiles.

The specific objectives of the project in Myanmar are to:

  •  Increase understanding and knowledge of investors, businesses, CSOs and policymakers on

    CSR/RBC from the perspective of decent work.

  •  Create a policy environment conducive to promoting socially responsible conduct among

    businesses, in line with the MNE Declaration.

Increase opportunities for businesses to have a dialogue on challenges and opportunities in relation to CSR.

In line with the specific objectives, the programme is implemented based on its four core activities including research, outreach, policy advocacy, and training and capacity building. To achieve these objectives, the Programme seeks to implement these activities with governments, businesses, employer and employee organisations, universities, and chamber of commerce in Myanmar.

In Myanmar, the project focuses on two sectors: agriculture and seafood sectors, both of which account for high numbers of workers and have important trade linkage to the EU.

Objective and scope of the assignment

The Programme wishes to contract an external collaborator to provide technical support for the development and/or implementation of activities and actions in Myanmar linked to the four main components of the RSCA programme.

The consultant will perform the following tasks:

  •  Provide technical inputs and liaise with research teams in conducting research on

    assessment of decent work challenges and labour related CSR/RBC policies, strategies, and initiatives and sectoral studies on compiling good labour related CSR/RBC practices in agriculture and seafood sectors.

  • Coordinate and support the organisation of sectoral technical seminars, meetings and workshops for business and relevant public and private partners in the country.

  •  Liaise with programme’s partners to work jointly on specific joint activities in the context of the RSCA programme.

  •  Organise, jointly with the ILO/RSCA team, a high-level national conference in coordination with the European Union and OECD on CSR/RBC.

  •  Provide technical follow up and operative coordination for the development and adaptation of the outreach and policy advocacy materials in English and Myanmar language.

  •  Provide technical inputs in developing and adapting the CSR/RBC training materials in English and Myanmar language.

  •  Provide other technical and coordination support to ensure smooth implementation of the activities of the RSCA programme in Myanmar.

    Expected deliverables and outputs

  • Output 1: Multi-stakeholders dialogue events are organised and a conclusion note/minute is submitted.

  • Output 2: Reports corresponding to the activities implemented are drafted and published on relevant channels and distributed to relevant stakeholders.

  • Output 3: Sectoral technical seminars for business are organised, a conclusion note/minute with follow up actions submitted, and sectoral labour related CSR/RBC principles developed.

  • Output 4: Inter-ministerial dialogues are organised in coordination with OECD and conclusion notes are submitted.

  • Output 5: Required outreach and policy advocacy materials are developed, adapted to the local context, translated into Myanmar language, published on relevant channels and distributed to relevant stakeholders.

  • Output 6: Training and capacity building activities are organised for policymakers, businesses, employer and employee organisations, and relevant stakeholders.
  • Output 7: Other required technical support and inputs are provided to ensure smooth coordination and implementation of the activities in Myanmar to the satisfaction of the ILO.

Assignment timeframe

The total number of working days is 40 and deliverables to be delivered before 14th December 2020.

Terms of payment

The payment schedule is as follows:

  •  1st payment is paid upon the submitted detailed action plan to the satisfaction of the ILO


  • 2nd payment is paid upon the completion of the output 1, 2, 3 to the satisfaction of the ILO


  • 3rd payment is paid upon the completion of the output 4, 5, 6, 7 to the satisfaction of the

    ILO (40%)

  1. Qualifications

Education -Postgraduate education (MSc or MA) in Economics, Social Science, Law, International relations, Development Studies, Business Management or equivalent.

Experience - 6 to 9 years of relevant professional experience in the field of public policy, communications, supply chain management, trade, investment, social and economic development, private sector development or another related field. Experience in organising and coordinating events such as forums, seminars, workshops, training, and high-level conference is advantageous. Experience in working on the design of policy documents is an asset. Experience and knowledge of Myanmar seafood and agriculture sectors are an asset. Knowledge and experience of working with the government and/or the UN system would be an asset.

Languages – Excellent command of spoken and written English and Myanmar language. Knowledge of an additional UN official language will be an asset.

  • Excellent writing skills including an ability to nuance and adapt messages to culturally diverse audiences.

  • Knowledge in the field of corporate social responsibility, responsible business conduct, and/or business and human rights.

  • Good analytical skills and creativity.

  • Political and cultural sensitivity

  • Advanced working knowledge of relevant computer software including Microsoft Word,Excel and PowerPoint.

  • Ability to develop training materials and facilitate training.

  • Ability to carry out assignments in accordance with instructions and guidelines.

  • Ability to work on own initiative as well as a member of a team.

  • Ability to meet tight deadlines.


The consultant will report to the Programme Manager of the project RSCA and will work in coordination with the Knowledge Management Officer based in Bangkok. The consultant will work under ILO Country Office of Myanmar in Yangon.

Travel required for this assignment

Any travel required for the completion of the activities included in these terms of reference will be borne by the ILO in accordance with ILO rules and regulations.

How to Apply
Interested individuals should submit a proposal no later than 17/09/2020 to Fredy Guayacan at and Theerawich Tanprasert at and include:
    • The proposed daily fee in Myanmar Kyat.

    • A curriculum vitae

    • A covering letter outlining your skills and experience to undertake this assignment

    • Samples of your relevant written work, if any