ASEAN European Chambers meet in Cambodia

Eurocham Myanmar meets with representatives from different ASEAN European Chambers in Cambodia to discuss the latest trends on European investment in the region and to exchange best practice on advocacy and emerging market investment ... Read More

EuroCham Myanmar Logistics Advocacy Group members meet with Customs Department Director General U Kyaw Htin

The Logistics AG members could share their issues with the Myanmar Customs department who was willing to move forward on very concrete solutions suggested by the group ... Read More

EuroCham Myanmar participates at Euromoney Forum 2017 in Naypyitaw

EuroCham Myanmar had a booth at Euromoney Forum 2017 and could assess the investment business climate during the event. EU foreign investment is on the rise and opportunities are growing for EU investors according to speakers and participants.  ... Read More

European start-up leaders meet at EuroCham Myanmar

EuroCham had the privilege to receive a number of company start-up leaders to discuss a road-map on how to improve internet illiteracy in Myanmar. The group consisted of the following leading “start-up masters”: Mr. Erwin Sikma, Mr. Kieran Rabbit, Mr. Matt De Luca, Mr. Prateek Mukherjee and Mr. ... Read More

EuroCham Myanmar launches Illicit Trade Advocacy Group

Mr. Sven Batenburg from EuroCham South Korea (ECCK) opened the meeting with a presentation of Illicit Trade advocacy. The meeting was attended by different industry leaders from very different sectors that are all struggling from negative impacts related to Illicit Trade. The group has decided ... Read More