What is the status regarding the EU-Myanmar Investment Protection Agreement?

On 26 and 27 April 2017, the chief negotiators met in Yangon to discuss the issues outstanding from the 4th round of negotiations held in December 2016 on the Investment Protection Agreement (IPA) between the EU and Myanmar. Both sides discussed on the newest elements of the EU's reformed approach to investment protection and investment dispute resolution, including a robust code of conduct for the judges of the Investment Court System. This builds on the agreement found on the transparency and sustainable development chapters of the agreement. Very good progress was achieved on the main elements of the IPA. Discussions will continue in order to finalise the text.

Once this agreement enters into force, it will establish a level playing field and ensure the protection and fair treatment of investments from both sides, as well as promote transparency and good administrative behaviour for measures that impact investment. The agreement safeguards the right to regulate of the Parties and also aims to protect workers' rights and the environment, as well as boost responsible business conduct.

A Sustainability Impact Assessment (SIA) conducted in 2016 provides an in-depth analysis of the agreement's potential economic, social, environmental and human rights impacts. The Commission has recently published its position paper1 indicating how it intends to take into account the recommendations made in the SIA.”

Click here for the following reports:

  1. Report of the fifth round of negotiations for the EU-Myanmar Investment Protection Agreement
  2. Report “European Commission services' position paper on the Sustainability Impact Assessment in support of the negotiations on an Investment Protection Agreement between the European Union and the Republic of the Union of Myanmar”

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