Agrobusiness Forum 2019

With the common objective of promoting sustainability, inclusivity, productivity and competitiveness in the agriculture sector, EuroCham Myanmar (EuroCham), the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) collaborated in convening the Agrobusiness Forum 2019 to address key challenges across the country’s agricultural sector.

The Forum provided a platform for agrobusiness representatives and Myanmar policymakers to openly discuss challenges and opportunities in implementing good agricultural practices and promoting responsible supply chains, sector collaboration, transparency and policy coherence. 

Through this Forum, businesses could learn more about the leading international standards and tools available to companies to implement good agricultural practices, including due diligence in supply chains, leading to demonstrated business responsibility as well as enhanced sustainability, inclusivity, productivity and competitiveness. The Forum focused on trade and finance, labour rights and decent work, land issues, technologies, food safety and the environment in Myanmar’s agricultural sector.

Specifically, this Forum outcomes were to:

• Increase awareness and understanding of responsible agricultural practices related to trade and finance, labour rights and decent work, land acquisition, food safety and the environment.

• Increased awareness and understanding of how supply chain due diligence (as set out in the OECD and the FAO guidance) can be implemented in the context of global agricultural supply chains

• Networking among businesses in the sector for further sharing of ideas, experiences and good practices in addressing sustainability challenges and opportunities in agricultural supply chains. 

• Identification of good practices and potential actions to help stakeholders work together to further integrate good agricultural practices into Myanmar’s agricultural sector. 

More than 240 participants attended, including policy makers from the Government of Myanmar, business representatives active in Myanmar’s agriculture sector, employers and employee organisations, international and civil society organisations (WFP, Grow Asia, UNODC, UNOPS, ICCO…).

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