EuroCham Myanmar outreach mission in Shanghai

EuroCham Myanmar Executive Director Mr. Marc de la Fouchardière and Senior Business Development Officer Mr. Phyoe Wai Khant organised an outreach mission in Shanghai, China to promote Myanmar as a frontier market in Southeast Asia. For this we invited European investors in China to increase their presence in Myanmar. 

 EuroCham Myanmar representatives visited the office of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in China and met with Mrs. Daniela Ling-Vannerus Cassmer, General Manager and Mr. Hannes Hultman Area Manager, at the Shanghai office. 

On the second day, they visited the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China and had a fruitful discussion on how to shape further collaboration with Dr. Iona Kraft, General Manager along with Ms. Laura Alvarez Mendivil (Senior Membership and Events Manager). In the afternoon time of the second day they met with Mr. Per Porten, Head of Shanghai Office, The Swedish Trade and Invest Council (Business Sweden). 

 EuroCham Myanmar representatives were invited to an event organised by Business Sweden “Bringing South East Asian to Shanghai”. Ms. Cecilia Vermeulen, General Manager and Ms. Minjia Wu, Membership Manager of Benelux Chamber of Commerce (BENCHAM) also received EuroCham representatives and discussed investment opportunities in Myanmar for investors from Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Mr. Phyoe Wai Khant also had a meeting with Mrs. May You, Director of the International Public Relations and Business, Shanghai Entrepreneurs Association on how EuroCham Myanmar can attract European SMEs who are working with Chinese enterprises. The Consul for Economic & Commercial Affairs, Mr. Dimitrios Michas received European representatives at the Consulate General of Greece to understand Myanmar market and possible business linkages. On the last day of the mission, EuroCham Myanmar representative participated to “The Road Less Travelled: European Involvement in China's Belt and Road Initiative” organised by European Union Chamber of Commerce in China at Sofitel Hotel Hyland. Mr. Marc de la Fouchardière had a constructive discussion with several participants and the speaker of the event, President of European Chamber China, Mr. Jörg Wuttke.

 Mr de la Fourchardière and Mr Wai Khant discussed possibilities for market entry into Myanmar with Mr. Mikko Salmilahti, the President of Finnish Business Council Shanghai (FBCS). 

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