UNODC presented Integrity Pacts tool for collective action against corruption

On 9th July 2020, EuroCham Myanmar organised a workshop with UNODC Myanmar and Eurocham members to discuss opportunities and challenges of Integrity Pacts and anti-corruption legal polices in Myanmar.

Speakers from UNODC Myanmar discussed the anti-corruption legal policies in Myanmar for strengthening integrity in the private sector. Representatives from Transparency International Malaysia and Transparency International Indonesia presented their practical experience with the implementation of the Integrity Pacts in collaboration with the private sector, anti-corruption commissions and other respective governmental institutions. 

Integrity Pacts were developed by Transparency International as a tool for preventing corruption in public contracting. An Integrity Pact is a document signed between a contracting authority, Civil society organisation and the private sector in order to ensure independent monitoring on the public-private procurement processes, enhance accountability and prevent corruption.


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